TXDOT and Wichita Falls Prepare for Icy Road Conditions

On Monday, street crews with the City of Wichita Falls and the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) were out preparing for more icy road conditions. KFDX News Channel Three reports that the City of Wichita Falls has some new technology to better serve citizens during winter weather this season. In addition to up-to-date street-clearing information at the engineering department, crews are working hard to improve roadway safety for drivers. Wichita Falls street crews were out plowing areas that didn’t get attention after the last storm and were continuing to work on the main roads as well. Not only were crews applying freeze guard to various roads across Wichita Falls, workers with the TXDOT were also plowing some farm roads.

Preparing for Icy Roads in Texoma

Crews spent a lot of time digging snow out of storm drains, since melted snow was running into the roadways. With falling temperatures, any moisture that remains on the streets is going to freeze. Icy frozen streets are incredibly dangerous for drivers to navigate, even with four-wheel drive or other capable vehicles. Officials want to remind citizens that the remaining slush is likely to freeze and make roadways treacherous for drivers. If at all possible, citizens are encouraged to stay off of the roadways until the conditions improve.

Crashes during Winter Weather

 KDFX News Channel Three also reported on the number of crashes happening in Wichita Falls during this icy weather. According to authorities with the Wichita Falls Police Department, between Sunday morning and Monday afternoon, law enforcement officers were called out to work at least 16 different crash scenes. Officials are urging drivers to stay off of the roadways during this weather.

Vehicle Preparation for Winter Weather

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has some great tips for preparing vehicles for winter weather. Listed below are a few important issues to check before heading out this season.

  • Inspect tires.
  • Get your car serviced.
  • Stock your vehicle with necessary emergency items.
  • Check your battery.
  • Check your cooling system.
  • Fill your windshield washer reservoir.
  • Check windshield wipers and defrosters.
  • Check floor mats for pedal interference.

Ultimately, staying home is the best way to remain safe when roadways become icy. If at all possible, wait for road conditions to improve before leaving the house. Stock up on supplies and everything you might need before the weather hits.