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Wichita County Burn Ban

The recent spring showers have done little to safeguard the community from the threat of out-of-control fires. Vegetation looks well saturated and green, but the Wichita County commissioners have unanimously voted to enact a burn ban. Nearly all types of outdoor burning have been banned. KFDX News Channel Three reports that the ban includes campfires as well, unless they are in enclosed pits that can be covered. The current ban does not include fireworks though.

Judge Woody Gossom urges citizens to exercise extra caution when grilling too. He recommends people grill on concrete rather than grass. In addition, he also urges people to have a water hose handy when grilling, even when using a gas grill. He remarks that the recent rains have caused grass to grow which can provide fuel to fires, especially during times of high wind. He is also quick to point out that while vegetation appears green right now, there is still a significant amount of dry dead grass in the community.

At this time fireworks have not been banned. KFDX News Channel Three reports that Wichita County commissioners have until June 15th to decide whether or not to ban the sale of fireworks this summer. Regardless of the burn ban and the subsequent potential ban on fireworks, citizens are urged to exercise extra care with their outdoor activities this summer. Grills can easily be knocked over by children and pets. Hot coals can quickly ignite a patch of dead grass.

We recently reported on the wildfire at Possum Kingdom Lake that damaged about 39 acres of land. Firefighters from multiple surrounding departments were quick to respond to the flames. They were able to contain the blaze rather quickly, unlike the 2011 fires that destroyed more than 150 homes. Authorities did state that the recent fire may have started in a ditch, but offered no information on a potential cause.

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