Wildfire at Possum Kingdom Lake

Firefighters have been working around the clock to contain flames at Possum Kingdom Lake. Homes were immediately evacuated. Over 100 firefighters were called out from more than 12 different departments from surrounding areas. The fire started late Monday afternoon around the Peninsula area. The fire is actually very close to the areas that were devastated by the fires of 2011 and 2012.

Nick Harrison, a spokesman with the Texas A&M Forest Service, reported that firefighters now have the blaze 80 percent contained. This is great news for the residents of a community that has been hit hard by wildfires in recent years. The latest aerial sweeps estimate that only about 39 acres have been damaged. Authorities had originally anticipated a much larger area to be burned.

The devastating fires that spread across Possum Kingdom Lake in 2011 destroyed more than 150 homes and burned about 65,000 acres of land. The 2012 wildfires were said to be sparked by lighting. There is no word yet on the cause of the current wildfire. Authorities did report that the fire may have started in a ditch. The fire, which was started near Frontier Road, was quickly carried by winds west onto Upper Burma Road. Since first responders are still working on containment, it is unlikely that investigative efforts have begun. The forecasted rain today is expected to help firefighters continue to fight the blaze.

There are a number of potential causes for wildfires. The negligence of a utility provider can cause power lines to arc and start fires. Power poles or lines may have been negligently maintained. Wildfires can also be started due to the negligence of energy companies. Oil and natural gas companies frequently handle volatile and flammable materials. Finally, it’s not uncommon for wildfires to be started by someone that failed to properly conduct a prescribed burn of their ranchland.

Whatever the cause, it’s important to have an experienced fire investigator on the scene if you have suffered any damage. A fire investigator will analyze forensic evidence and burn patterns to determine the cause of the fire. An experienced fire damage attorney can stay up-to-date with investigative developments to help injured victims recover from negligent parties. The team at the Altman Legal Group is experienced in representing victims of fire damage. If you have been injured in a wildfire, contact the Altman Legal Group at (940) 761-4000 for a free consultation.