Wildfire in Holliday Due to Power Equipment Failure

A wildfire in Holliday is being blamed on equipment failure. An estimated 50 acres of land burned in Holliday, Texas behind residential homes on FM 440. The wildfire started Tuesday evening. According to News Channel Six, the fire started when two power lines touched after the cross arms of a main power pole failed. Firefighters from Bowman, Lakeside City and Holliday were swiftly on the scene with multiple water tenders and brush trucks.

It took over two and half hours for firefighters to control the blaze. John Strenski, Fire Chief with Bowman Volunteer Fire Department, stated that firefighters on the scene were very thoughtful with their water use due to the recent drought conditions. They used as little water as possible for putting out the flames. Although they left the fire burning, they did make sure that there were no live fuels within 20 feet of the blaze. Crews with Oncor were also on the scene trying to restore power to nearby homes. More than 200 residents were reported to be without power during the fire. Oncor did report that all power was restored to residents on Tuesday evening.

Few details have been released about how the main power pole broke or failed. If electrical equipment fails and power lines arc, they can produce dangerous sparks. Pair the sparks with dry land and drought conditions, and it’s a recipe for disaster. Arcing power lines are often to blame for wildfires and residential fires. The dangerous arcing of power lines can be prevented through proper routine maintenance of equipment and use of safety devices.

Power companies are responsible for maintaining safe equipment. If equipment is faulty or negligently maintained, the power company can be held liable for damages. They owe a duty to their customers and to the general public. Electrical malfunctions can be dangerous, and every precaution should be taken to ensure the safety of local residents.

Victims of wildfires may suffer from a loss of property and other extensive damages. They may also have expensive hospital bills and lost wages due to burn injuries and smoke inhalation. Our team is experienced in representing victims of wildfires. It’s important to contact a fire damage attorney as soon as possible after a wildfire. The investigation of a fire is often time sensitive. Our fire damage lawyers have recovered millions of dollars for clients who have suffered from burn injuries and property loss due to fire damage.